Psalm 32:2 – Blessed is the man against whom the Lord counts no iniquity.

What an incredible statement. The Lord, for some reason, counts against a man NO iniquity.

Nothing less than absolute perfection is required for entrance into the presence of God and God accomplished that for us through Jesus Christ. Those whose faith is in Christ alone have credited to them the very sinless perfect righteousness of the Son of God. In Christ, as this verse states, NONE of our iniquities are counted against us.

If all our sins are not dealt with at the cross and if the merits of that death and resurrection are not applied to us through our faith in Him, then there is no point in having any dealt with at all. Christ’s work is finished. He has taken the punishment for all the sins of all His people.

Where is your hope for forgiveness and a right standing with God? If not in the finished work of Jesus Christ, then the Lord still counts iniquity against you. It need not be so.