Psalm 61:5 (ESV)

For you, O God, have heard my vows;

you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.

David’s heritage is those who fear the Name of the LORD. This is an obvious reference to Christ. All those who fear the Name of God are descendants of David, part of the house of David. We are spiritual descendants of that King of Israel because Jesus is the Son of David and we are co-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:16f).

There is no inheritance where there is no fear of God. Only those who walk in the fear of the Lord are true children of the covenant, true sons of David, true brothers of Christ. How much David understood about his inheritance lasting “to all generations” is not said, but it is unlikely that he knew just how literal that was. The inheritance of David is for eternity. It far surpasses any earthly kingdom.

What God is doing and will do in Christ for those who fear Him is so far beyond us it is difficult to even try to put it to words: a new heavens and a new earth, a renewed cosmos, a planet put back to rights. It is colossally huge and far beyond what we can even imagine and the human imagination is vast.

This inheritance is far greater than eternal life on heaven absent of pain and suffering and death. It is all things new. It is the exploration of the universe. It is complete sinless fellowship with Christ in ways that currently escape us.

It is not just David who did not understand the magnitude of the promise of God to him when He promised him that his kingdom would be for all generations. This life is but a shadow. It is here for a moment and then it is gone. It is a blink in time. And if we will live for that brief moment in faithfulness to Him we shall spend eternity in sinless bliss in the presence of God forever and forever. O what God has done.