Proverbs 4 and Acts 1 – The Proverb says “don’t do anything without wisdom. Gain wisdom, prize it, guard it.” In Acts 1 Jesus tells Hid followers, just before He ascends to heaven: “do not do anything until you receive the Holy Spirit.”
How do we get wisdom? And how do we get the Holy Spirit? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and those who fear the Lord are those who have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit indwells all who are in Christ by faith.

To run ahead of God is foolish in the extreme. God directs us through the Word, and through the Holy Spirit enables us to understand the Word and empowers us to obey the Word. Apply yourself diligently to know the Scriptures and do nothing by which the Holy Spirit would be grieved or quenched for then you will not be able to understand the Scriptures that are so necessary to living.