The human spirit is simply an amazing thing. The horrors that people survive and then triumph over is simply stunning. The power of the human spirit is seen in all kinds of situations and in all kinds of people. We are all made in the image of God and while that image is horribly marred, it is not completely defaced.

There are many things that can be said as a response to the video posted below. My wife’s first remark is that this shames us who live in such an affluent part of the world. She’s right. We complain about everything while possessing so much. We have excuses lined up as explanations for all our failures and we sometimes seem more adept at explaining why we cannot do something exhilarating than actually trying to do it.

My first response to this was stark wonder at people who make music, beautiful music, out of garbage. While this video is about making real music out of real garbage there is a deep message here about the human spirit’s ability to make metaphorical music while living in the garbage disposals of life. This is truly soul stirring stuff and it deserves to be seen. It should send many of us, me included, to our knees seeking the forgiveness of God for the way we have wasted the resources He has given us. No, not the garbage, but the spirit and determination and vision to make music while living in whatever dumpsters God has seen fit to allow us to pass through.

The garbage collectors and artisans and musicians and parents and teachers represented in this video deserve more thanks than I can possibly express. With the technologies that we now have at our fingertips, I have no doubt that they will all become very famous in a very short span of time. That fame will try to suck out the glorious, God reflecting passion and ingenuity and hope that they are demonstrating. I pray that it will fail.

In the meantime, watch this and be amazed at the reflection of the image of God.