Hebrews 2:17-18 (ESV)

Therefore he had to be made like his brothers in every respect, so that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people. [18] For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.

There can be no better Saviour than the One we have. Jesus was not chosen because He was just good enough. He was chosen as our Saviour because He and only He can do what needs to be done to bring “many sons to glory” (2:10). The text before us tells us that Jesus had to be made like the ones He came to save in every respect (minus sin of course). Not even the Son of God could save anyone from the heights of heaven. He had to leave heaven and come down. And not just come down. He had to come down as one of us.

Only by becoming one of us could He be a faithful and merciful high priest who, though tempted, never sinned. Our Saviour is One who knows what it is like to be tempted. Jesus’ temptations were real. When he was tempted He really suffered. We do not have One to go to who did not have to fight to defeat temptation. We go to One who resisted and won and was therefore the only acceptable sacrifice for sin. We serve a Saviour who truly defeated sin, not only in His death but in His life. He always said no to it no matter how much suffering that entailed. Hallelujah, what a Saviour!!

But Jesus also came as high priest. He mediates between God and man. He offered up sacrifice for sin. He made propitiation for sin. Here we see Jesus as both priest and lamb. As the high priest Jesus offers up the sacrifice. As the lamb He is offered up. Jesus does both.

The concept of propitiation is important. Sin must be punished. God’s anger at sin must be appeased. Jesus took the punishment for sin. He bore the wrath of God. He stood between us and God and when God lashed out at sin it never reached us. Jesus stood and bore it. This is a marvel beyond words. The growing movement to deny that Jesus was punished in the place of sinners is a denial of the Gospel.

Rejoice today that Jesus is the perfect Saviour who did all that could be done to save a vast multitude of people from the wrath of God. Rejoice even more that you are part of that great number.

And if you are not yet trusting in the perfect Saviour; if you have not turned to Him in repentance and faith, you are refusing the only One who can save you. You are denying that Jesus had to be made like us. Come and know the all sufficient Saviour. Come and know the forgiveness of sin. Come and find help when you are tempted.