Psalm 30:8-10

To you, O Lord, I cried,

and to the Lord I made supplication:

9 “What profit is there in my death,

if I go down to the Pit?

Will the dust praise you?

Will it tell of your faithfulness?

10 Hear, O Lord, and be gracious to me!

O Lord, be my helper!”

This is part of Psalm 30, a Psalm that David wrote for the eventual dedication of the temple that he had hoped he could build but which the Lord had reserved for Solomon to do. David envisions these words being sung as part of the worship that will be offered when the temple is dedicated. And who knows? Perhaps they were.

This hymn makes a request of God that he preserve the life of the one singing it. But it is the reason for preserving it that grabs our attention. If God lets the singer die then there will be one less voice to sing the praises of God to a world that needs to hear of Him. God does not need us. If He should, in His wisdom, take me from life today He would not lose souls that He had intended to save because of my witness. But God has made us to be for the praise of His glory. If we die today then there will be fewer voices to do that for which we were made. Right?

If you die today will there be one less voice singing the praises of God tonight on planet earth? If you were in a near death situation would you be able to pray for your life to be preserved because your absence would mean there would be people who would not hear of the wonders of the God we serve? Can you say with David “What profit is there in my death?” What a glorious testimony! Lord, let me live, for you know that the world will not be a better place without me.

Live in such a way that you can truthfully say this. And do not say it in the way that the godless can. Any number of people can say out of the pride of their own hearts that this world would be worse off if they weren’t here. But they cannot say that the reason would be because God is less praised in their absence. They can pat themselves on the back and claim they are something but their self evaluation is self focussed. The believer in Jesus Christ is the one who can say that the reason he is a valuable contributor to good in the world is the grace of God at work in him in all he does. In my work, my parenting, my marriage, my worship, God is praised.

What are your life goals? If they do not line up with the purposes that God has called you for then you cannot pray the prayer of David. Do whatever your hand finds to do with all your might for His glory because you know that’s what you have the ability to do it for. Live today like God has preserved your life for you to live it for Him. Because He has.