Hebrews 2:11 – [11] For he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified all have one origin. That is why he is not ashamed to call them brothers

Again, there are some who will insist that this verse states that Jesus is not eternal because it states that “he who sanctifies” and “those who are sanctified” have one “origin” or source. How can we maintain that Jesus is the God-man, uncreated, eternal, in the face of such a statement? Easy. Believe what the verse actually says.

God made the Son, the founder of our salvation, the perfect sacrifice for sin by sending Him into the world as a real human being. As a human being, truly born of Mary, Jesus can trace His genealogy back to Adam, just like the rest of us.

This verse is a strong statement that Jesus is a real human being. He did not just appear to be human. He was not just God in a Jesus suit. He was, and is, a real human being. Luke points this out in unmistakable fashion when he traces Jesus’ genealogy all the way back to Adam (Luke 3:23-38). His point? The same as the point here in Hebrews 2. The Son of God has become one of us in order to save us.

He will obey the Law of God with precise perfection. He will be the perfect sacrifice for sin, the spotless Lamb. He will offer His own life voluntarily for all the sins of all His people for all of time. We must not diminish the wonder of the first half of Hebrews 2:11. Jesus sanctifies us and He can do so because He is one of us, minus the sin, while at the same time being all that chapter 1 of Hebrews says He is.

What a marvel the Gospel is. No human mind would ever devise such a thing. Read Hebrews 1 and see the mind boggling truths that are set forth there about Christ. And then see them in connection with this truth that such a One has made himself to be truly one of us and is not ashamed to call us brothers.

How can we not worship such a Saviour? And how can anyone who claims to have been saved by Him not live entirely for the praise of His glory?