These guys led the service at our church yesterday and they did a bang up job. Our guest preacher was Brett McBride, Executive Director of Urban Promise Toronto and he preached a message that exalted the Saviour through an explanation of the biblical Gospel. It is such a great blessing to hear the Gospel truly explained by someone who truly understands what grace is about.

Urban Promise has been working out of our facilities for eleven years and we are glad that they are with us. They are a crucial part of the ministries of our church. Some of our own youth work for them and several of our own children and youth are part of the program.Many good contacts into the community have been made because of their efforts.

This video is old. It is from the summer of 2011. Colin McCartney is no longer the director and some of the workers interviewed in this video no longer work for them. But it does give an idea about what Urban Promise does at our church.