Business Meetings

Business meetings must be announced from the pulpit on the Sunday prior to the meeting. Meetings which include an election must receive two [2] Sundays’ notice.

1. Regular Business Meetings

Meetings must be held on a quarterly basis, one of which must be an annual meeting.

A. Quarterly Meetings

These meetings shall be held to:

  1. review the quarterly progress in the ministry and mission of the Church;
  2. outline planned program adjustments and new initiatives;
  3. elect officials if required; this must be noted before the meeting is announced;
  4. present a financial report;
  5. transact other business as required.

B. Annual Meeting

The meeting shall be held annually to:

  1. review the past year’s progress in the ministry and mission of the Church;
  2. outline the next year’s plans and initiatives;
  3. present a financial report for the past year and approve the budget for the following year;
  4. elect officials as required [Elders, Deacons/Trustees, Deacon Assistants, Church Treasurer and Church Clerk];
  5. transact other business as required.

2. Special Business Meetings

Other meetings may be called from time to time by the Pastor[s], the Board, or by any five [5] members of the Church.

3. Election

  1. Elections by the membership of Pastor[s], Elders, Deacons/Trustees, Deacon Assistants, Church Treasurer and Church Clerk shall take place at either regular or special meetings which shall be duly called.
  2. The term of service for all officials, excluding Pastor[s] shall be two [2] years. An attempt should be made to elect one-half of the Elders/Deacons/Trustees/Deacon Assistants each year to avoid a complete turnover of the Board in any given year.
  3. The nomination process, which shall be overseen by the Board, provides each eligible voting member with one [1] “write-in” ballot [having places to nominate each type of official for which there is a vacancy] at least three [3] weeks prior to the regular Business Meeting where an election of officials is planned. Any candidates receiving thirty-five percent [35%] or more nominations from among these ballots returned before the listed date shall be considered nominated by the membership for the election.In special circumstances [e.g. not enough candidates so nominated OR where a Special Business Meeting was called for this purpose, in which case the normal nomination process would take too long], nominations may be made from the floor at the Business Meeting, provided the person nominated can or has been made known that he/she will stand.
  4. Candidates duly nominated shall be elected by the membership at said Business Meeting. Each candidate must receive eighty percent [80%] of the votes cast to be elected to the position. These elections are NOT to choose from among candidates, but rather to prayerfully choose those God has chosen. Members should vote for each candidate they feel is qualified for and should serve in the position. For all such elections using ballot voting, votes and/or ballots cast shall be those accepted by the duly nominated scrutineers and will not include any spoiled ballots.
  5. Upon a motion from the floor, the scrutineers will destroy all ballots.

4. Quorum

At a Business Meeting involving the calling or dismissal of a Pastor, fifty percent [50%] of the eligible voting members constitute a quorum. At a Business Meeting involving amendment of the Constitution, thirty-three percent [33%] of the eligible voting members constitutes a quorum, while for all other Business Meetings twenty-five percent [25%] of the eligible voting members constitutes a quorum.

5. Closed Meetings

Under circumstances where dismissal of an official or church discipline are to be considered, the meeting shall have only that purpose and will be closed to all persons who are not eligible voting members.