This Week at Thistletown

The usual meetings are:


  • Adult Bible Class – 9.30 am

2 classes – General and Advanced Bible stud

( IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING SUNDAY SCHOOL – Our children’s ministry entitled Christ Conforming Leaders, which is fundamentally our Sunday School for children 4-11 takes place during the worship service. The children are with us for the first half of the service and they leave for their teaching time around 11:30 until 12:30. The adult and youth classes are still held at 9:30 and there will be a programme for the children of adults who attend the adult classes.)

  • MORNING WORSHIP – 10.45 am

The worship service consists of the following:

Singing – choruses and traditional and new hymns accompanied by piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, violin, and a few other percussion instruments. Our people love to sing.

Bible reading – usually from the portion that the preacher will be preaching from when the sermon time comes around. Bibles are provided so if you want to follow along you can.

Prayer – We pray several times during our service. Worship is about God and it would be a grave mistake not to talk to him in our worship. The pastoral prayer is when the pastor announces some prayer requests so that people in the church know what special needs there are for them to pray for during the week.

Offering – The only means of raising the funds we need is through the voluntary giving of our people. We are not out to get your money. If we invited you to our home we wouldn’t make you pay for dinner. There is no pressure to give money – none. Give if you want. Don’t give if you want.

Children’s story – Every week the pastor takes a few minutes to give a short Bible lesson to the children who are in the service. We believe that everyone needs the Gospel and that everyone can know the Gospel. Most Sundays, children from 4-8 and 9-11 years of age go to “Junior Church” where they can be taught the Bible at a level they can understand. Some Sundays they stay in church, because we want to prepare them for knowing how to worship when they get older.

Memory Verse – Many of our people memorize a verse a week. The church provides the verses and each week people are given an opportunity to recite it. You can find the verse on the main page of this web site as well, on the side bar entitled “Memory Verses – This Year Focusing on the Gospel”.

Sermon – There is a sermon, most often preached by our pastor or the Associate Pastor. Sometimes we have guest preachers. The sermon is always based on the Bible because it is God’s message to us and we need it.

The service usually ends around 12:30.


We have an informal fellowship time most Sunday evenings. A few hymns, prayer and a Bible Study.


  • Prayer Meeting  at 7:15 pm in the Fireside Room.