A poem I wrote for our first daughter’s wedding
in July 2011. A few folks asked for it to be posted
so here it is. We had another daughter married a
couple of weeks ago and the poem from that one will
come soon. I hope this is some sort of encouragement
to you.

Kristine and John Mark

A little girl came into the world
A gift for whom parents had prayed
And when she came they committed her
To the God by whom she was made

And daddy sat her upon his lap
a child just starting her life
And said “Now child when you grow up
You may want to be someone’s wife”

“And this one thing above everything else
In the man that you think is the best
He must love Jesus Christ more than he loves you
And love you more than he loves all the rest”

“Jesus loves you more than you can know
He works out all for your good (Romans 8:28)
Do not try to say that you can do better
Because you know that you never could”

“And the very best that you can do
Is find a man with a heart saved by grace
Who isn’t afraid to bow down and worship (Romans 1:16)
When all around him there’s nary a trace.”

And the years went by and they started to climb
Past the number that she felt was good
For finding the man that God in His wisdom
Would supply as He said He would

And the little girl began to wonder
If God had really picked out a man
Maybe daddy wasn’t as smart as he thought
And she must take things into her hands.

But our God works in mysterious ways
He fashions all things in His plan (Ephesians 1:11)
And when Aunt Betty saw that this girl was alone
There was no chance she’d not get a man.

So then on a cool November morn
Into church walked a man with his kin,
Worried and fretting and wondering what
His family had got himself in.

And they met and they said that they would give it a go
And they agreed and neither one balked
And every night since it’s been hurry from work
And they talk and they talk and they talk.

And then John-Mark came and asked for her hand
And daddy’s reply in agreement was terse
You can have my daughter including her hand
But please let go of it first.

So here you go, a couple at last
Someone to share your life
Someone who will stay through it all with you
And love as husband and wife

So today you stood before our holy God
And vowed that all others you’d forsake
Because God in His mercy has heard your prayers
And the perfect couple did make

And the evil one comes and gives a short chuckle
And begins a vile work in your heart
He’ll entice you to see that those vows were quite foolish
And He’ll purpose to tear you apart

And it’s then that you must look up to your God
And be filled with a grand sense of wonder
That He made no error when He brought you together
And nothing shall tear it asunder

And then after that you must bring to your mind
That He has given you all that you need
To keep the vows and keep the wow
And from Him in His Word constant feed.

And you will not find better in anyone else
For who can improve upon God?
The world’s in its mess because we do not believe it
As people go to seek truth from fraud.

So here you are on the day of the wedding
With your hearts for each other just a twitter.
Here’s some advice from out of the Bible
For nowhere will you find any better.

Remember that God who has brought you together
Has done so for his own glory
Declare His fame and worship His name
In the way that you live out your story

Show those who have the pleasure to know you
That the Gospel is not fabrication
Live such godly lives among those in your circle
That very angels are filled with elation

Show Him to your neighbours, to those in your borders
Show Him to those you call kin
Show a grand loving Saviour to those who are watching
Show the God who has defeated your sin

Unless the Lord builds what you start on today
Your building will all be in vain (Psalm 127)
Build your life strongly upon the rock sturdy
And it will stand through the storm and the rain (Matthew 7:24-27)

And when times get tough and the arguments come
And on your nerves you both start to grate
Remember to never to go to bed angry
No matter how hard or how late (Ephesians 4:26)

Kristine my dear the world will not say
What I’m about to say to you clear
Submit to your husband as to the good Lord (Ephesians 5:21-24)
And never give way to fear (I Peter 3:5-6)

John Mark your work is as plain as can be
Love your wife like Christ loved us all (Ephesians 5:25-32)
Be willing for her to give up your life
For that is your God given call.

He who finds a wife has found what is good
And this wife won’t prove God a liar
It was not good that you were alone
And God has granted your heart’s desire

In a world that teaches women don’t need men
That a woman needs no avenger
Stand between her and all who dare do her harm
And let them know that they are in danger (and so are you if you don’t)

Give your wife such a sense of godly protection
That she knows she is no waif
Lay down your life for the sake of hers
Give her to know she is safe

And if God should so bless you with children from this
Bring them up in the fear of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4)
Teach them the difference between broad and narrow (Matthew 7:13)
And saturate them with the Word.

Talk to the kids when you are walking
And when you sit up and lie down
Tell them of God and the law He has given
Tell them all of His great renown (Deuteronomy 6:4-9)

Care for your family over everyone else
Provide for them, don’t be laggin’
For a man who does not provide for his own
Is not even as good as a pagan (I Timothy 5:8)

Don’t chase after money or power or fame (I Timothy 6:9-10)
They’re imposters with nothing but lies.
Pursue the things that can’t be destroyed
Things you take with you when you die.

O children dear children please hear me on this
Keep the vows that you made without hiding
Do not even look at a whole host of others
They’re not as good as what God’s here providing

And as time goes on and it becomes more clear
That it is appointed once to die
Be there at the bedside of the one who goes first
Show that you never lied

When you said for better or even for worse
I will be with you to the bitterest of ends
We’re in this together and nothing will part us
And this promise I will not amend

And your life’s partner will look up from the bed
With eyes that through pain have grown dim
And a smile will appear and a heart will enlarge
And life will be a little less grim

And if you keep these instructions I give you today
And live together with a heart for God’s praise;
The love you have for each other and God
Will grow dearer for all of your days.

And when you are old, you’ll look back on these days
And marvel at how time has flown
But the greater amazement than the fastness of life
Will be the faithfulness of God to you shown.

Your God won’t forsake you, it’s not in His nature (Hebrews 13:5)
And He joined you together today (Matthew 19:6)
He is true to His Word, He is true to his promise (Titus 1:2)
He’ll be true to you come what may.

John Mark you looked and found what is good (Proverbs 18:22)
Show her you believe that each day
Kristine be his buddy, for that is your calling (Titus 2:4)
His very best friend on the way.

And as this ends please keep this in mind
Without Him there is naught you can do (John 15:5)
Live together as one with empty hands lifted up
And rejoice in how He shows that He loves you.

Kristine and John Mark 1