I have dedicated this blog, which is part of the official web site of our church, to doing devotionals and the odd video clip. A couple of times I have told some stories out of my very unremarkable past. I have purposely stayed away from posting the writings of others. The blogosphere, if it is overstocked in anything is overstocked with opinions, and it has seemed to me that any of mine will not contribute to the overall improvement of the world’s situation and that if anyone wants to find the really great articles clogging up the internet, they can look elsewhere.

Then this morning I read an article that I really would like to let the few who come here from time to time, a chance to read. So, here it is.

So, here, for your reading enjoyment (?) is an article by my favourite theologian, Carl Trueman, regarding Ted Haggard’s foray into reality television. And who knows? Maybe I’ll start passing on other worthwhile stuff from time to time.

Read it here