Psalm 8:2 – Out of the mouth of babes and infants,

you have established strength because of your foes,

to still the enemy and the avenger.

The victories of the Christian life are not due to our strength, ability, wisdom … . God can still His enemies through the use of the completely incompetent, fragile, ignorant things. In fact, He does, because He chooses to use us.

The Scriptures are simply full of illustrations of this truth. God is going to save the world through sending the Son to earth and He finds a little pagan idol worshipper to start the work. And what do we do with Abraham? We turn him into a great hero whose exploits we could never match and begin to think that he was chosen because of his great faith. His great faith was because He was chosen.

God chooses to have the Messiah’s line travel through Jacob, the second son. His name means, “grasper of the heal” and that is how he lives his life. He sneaks up behind people when they are not looking and takes them by surprise. He always has a plan, a scheme, a way out. God does a lot of work to beat that out of him. And Christians today make him the good guy. He was a rogue, saved by grace.

Moses is a murderer who at one time had megalomaniacal thoughts of saving his people from Egypt but turned into a shepherd who had to be forced into going back to Egypt.

Gideon is a coward threshing wheat in a wine press for fear of the Philistines when the angel of the Lord calls him a “mighty man of valour”.

David is the seventh son whose father Jesse doesn’t even think worthy of bringing to Samuel to see if the chosen king might be him.

Jeremiah is a child full of fear and self pity.

And take a look at the Twelve. Not many in that group who we would pick.

The message in all these men is that the deciding factor is not those who are chosen – it’s the Chooser. Many of us do not get this. We beg to know what the secrets of success are from those who are big and successful. And many of the successful package up their product and sell it as if doing what they do will guarantee the wonderful results that they had.

God uses the things that are not to bring to nothing the things that are. The goal is not size and success. The goal is Him. Look to Him. Be enthralled with Him. Trust Him. Do not chase after success and money and fame. Chase after Him. Do not try to be what works. Try to be the aroma of Christ. Trust and obey. There’s no other way. Live for Him and be amazed at what God can do with babies and infants.