Psalm 31:9 – Be gracious to me for I am in distress.

David’s call is for grace. God owes us nothing. If He comes to the aid of His children, which He does, it is not because we deserve it. It is because He is gracious. And the ultimate demonstration of His grace is Jesus Christ. We are in Christ. Christ sits at the right hand of the Father and lives to intercede for us before Him. We are the children of God and the Father treats us so because of the work of Christ. We are dearly loved and that is because in love Jesus brought us into a relationship with the Father. The reason we can call out to God for help in our distress is because of what Jesus did, is doing and will continue to do for us.

And we need not be shy about asking Him. We do not need to wonder if we will get help this time. We do not need to worry about whether there is enough grace left for another calamity in our lives. We do not have to wonder if Jesus has just grown tired and decided that we call upon Him too much for help. The glory of God and the glory of Jesus hangs on His coming to the aid of His children. If He did not, He would be a liar. It would be because the work of Jesus on the cross had gone past its due date. It would mean that the Father no longer found the work of Jesus to be satisfactory. And none of these things are possible.

God will never dishonour His Son and therefore He will never dishonour those for whom Christ died and rose again. In love for us God sent His Son into the world to purchase us out of our slavery to sin. He knows we are helpless. He knows without Him we can do nothing. And in love and grace He hears and answers our calls for help. We go with confidence to the throne of grace to find grace and mercy to help us in our time of need.