Proverbs 23:4
4 Do not toil to acquire wealth;
be discerning enough to desist.

Do not toil to acquire wealth. Be careful interpreting Proverbs. The very Book that name it and claim it types use to justify their horrible doctrines is the same Book that says the opposite of what they conclude. “Do not toil to acquire wealth” cannot mean that it is wrong to go to work to earn money.

But it does mean that we must get our priorities right. The acquisition of wealth is not to be the prime directive for our lives. Doctors should pursue their craft, not for the money, but for the sake of healing and discovering cures. Lawyers are to have the good of their clients and the society at large higher on their priority list than $400.00/hour. Pastors should be content with the necessities of life and work for the glory of God and the salvation and maturation of their flock. The end is very long.

The person who toils at his craft primarily for the money is an empty soul. God has much better in store for us. He does not call us to such meaningless pursuits as toiling just for the money. He calls us and gifts us so that we may be for the praise of His glory; so that we may enjoy Him; so that we may fulfill the mandate for which He created mankind in the first place.

How we rob ourselves!! The pursuit of wealth is a hollow and shallow and unsatisfying goal. God has much better for us. Today, do not go to work simply for the purpose of the money that it garners. Have higher purposes and find true fulfilment as a believer who works for the glory of God and the good of others.