Last night, August 15, the Urban Promise Day Camp programme that operates out of our building and with whom we, as a church try to help and view as one of our church ministries, had their closing programme. Its theme was celebrating Rexdale, past present and future. There are three Urban Promise Camps in Toronto and ours is called Camp Victory. One of Camp Victory’s interns, Rachel Walford, who came from Scotland last fall to work here, took some pictures last night to help people get a taste of the festivities.

I was unable to be there but it looks like quite a night. Toronto firefighters were there to demonstrate their skills and give the kids a taste of firefighting. There was a BBQ on the church lawn, a “bouncy room” and other outdoor activities. The highlight of the night was a “living museum” which featured photos and memories of Rexdale as well as live performances. Pastor Bell gave the devotional and from what accounts I have read so far, the event was a success.

Here are Rachel’s photos.

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