“What about people who have never heard?” This is a question that often gets asked. The concern behind the question generally is this: if Jesus is the only way to God and people must consciously believe in Jesus in order for Him to get them to God, then what happens to those who never hear about Jesus? It is a fair question as long as it is asked honestly.

There is, in the question, a concept of fairness that people believe God must own up to. It is unfair, it is supposed, to hold anyone responsible for not doing something that he was never told he had to do. Without getting into all the responses to these types of questions let us just consider one thing from Psalm 19. Note the first three verses of this Psalm.

Psalm 19:1-3 (ESV) .

The heavens declare the glory of God,

and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

[2] Day to day pours out speech,

and night to night reveals knowledge.

[3] There is no speech, nor are there words,

whose voice is not heard.

Note the words describing what nature does in these verses – “declare”, “proclaims”, “pours out speech”, reveals knowledge”, “voice”.

God does speak to those who do not have a chance to hear about Jesus. Does this mean that simply realizing that some great Being made the wonderful things that people see in nature is enough to grant them salvation from sin? No, it does not. The Scriptures are clear that faith in Christ must be expressed or people are lost (Romans 10:14-17). But it does mean that nature tells people that there is a God and that He is worth knowing.

People who have never heard of Christ who seek out the God of the wonders of nature will want to know more of this God. God will get the Gospel to such people. God does not create such a hunger only to disappoint. He gives it with every intention of rewarding the search. God will get the Gospel to such people through some means.

Now then. If you are one of those concerned about others who have never heard of Jesus Christ, could it be that you are one of the ones God is calling to reward the search of the person who wants to know more about the God of nature that has captured their attention? Could it be that the ache in your heart for those who have never heard is God calling you to make sure they hear? Do not complain against the Scriptures that say that people must hear the Gospel and believe if you are not willing to be part of the solution to the fact that they have not heard yet. Imagine being used by God to bring someone to Christ who knew that the God of nature must be worth knowing!!

God speaks to such people today. Pray that they will meet the God who has captured their attention. And pray about what your part may be in them meeting Him.