Well, there was a much publicized debate between evolution and creation on Wednesday evening.  I didn’t see it and I have been a little surprised at the lack of comment in the Christian blogosphere. There is tons of stuff from other sources.

It is on You Tube and if you want to take two hours you can have a look;


Debates don’t accomplish much, if anything at all. We cheer when our guy scores a point and explain away the point making of the opponent. Maybe that’s why there is so little being said about this much ballyhooed event. It changes no one’s view and will answer none of the objections, doubts, or concerns about the opposing position – no matter what is said. Christianity Today had an article about this very thing

Here are a few critiques of the debates from a couple of Christian and non-Christian sources:

From Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist eminary in Lousiville Kentucky:

From Creation Ministries International:

The Daily Beast: