Psalm 145:1 – I will extol you, my God and King, and bless your name forever and ever.

“I will … bless your name forever and ever” can be understood to mean that he will bless the name of God for as long as he lives. It can also mean that he will live forever with God on a new earth and live for the purpose for which he was created in the first place.

Extolling the name forever and ever does not mean that all we will do is sit around with harps and sing worship songs, although, it needs to be said, that if that is what it means then we would be so changed that it would feed every need and every longing.

We will do all that we do for the praise of the glory of God. The gardening, the enjoyment of creation. The time spent with others. Everything will be God saturated and God praising. The only ones who think that is not a good thing are those who don’t enjoy it now. In other words: if you don’t enjoy worship and the company of God’s people and exalting grace and being in the presence of others who do … then you will not enjoy it in the eternal state either.

Don’t want to spend eternity living sinlessly for the glory of God? Eternal worship sounds boring and one dimensional to you? OK. Then you won’t have to worry about it. God will not give  you that which you abhor. He will see to it that you never enter into His presence and never have to worry about worshipping. You will go away from the presence of God where you will shake your puny little fist at God and all who are found in Him for all eternity. And you will know that it is what you chose for yourself.