Psalm 56:9 – “But this I know, that God is for me.”

And the question that arises in one’s heart is “Why”? Why is God for me? And the upshot of the answer is, “Because He chose to love me.” It cannot be me. It cannot be my stellar performance. It cannot be my flawless obedience. It cannot be my insightful understandings of the Scriptures. It cannot be my wisdom that puts to silence all those who oppose me. I know it cannot be any of those things because I do not have any of those things. But God is for me. He is for me because I am His child. I am His child because He adopted me into it and made me His son. He adopted me because He chose me and He chose me because He loved me. And He loved me because He is love. When a person comes to grips with these great truths the heart sores, there is a desire  for obedience that such great grace creates in the heart (Titus 2:11-14).

How much of our angst, depression, pessimism and inner turmoil is due to not believing, or feeling, that God is for all He has saved? How often do we question his care and love because of the troubles we are enduring? David, in this Psalm, talks about being trampled (verse 1), afraid (verse 3), injured (verse 5), and opposed (verse 6). And yet he affirms that God is for him. He knows it.

How does he know it, given all that he is enduring? Because God remembers his tossings (verse 8), preserves all his tears and remembers them (verse 8), will turn back his enemies (verse 9). He knows God is for him because he knows that ultimately people can only do what God will allow to be done (verse 11).

These great sustaining truths about God’s care for him bring him to worship. David, because of God being for him even as he is greatly troubled, gladly does what we are all created to do (verse 12). He knows his soul is safe and that nothing that has happened to him can detract him from living in holiness (verse 13).

This text is over 3000 years old. It is amazing how real and up top date it is in its assessment of what it means to travel through life assaulted by all kinds of difficulties; what it means to live for God, be kept by God, worship God and find great consolation in God . Thank you Lord, for this text today.