This is a church web site, not my personal one. But it’s Valentine’s Day , so I take some liberties. My marriage works because of the woman I married. She has managed to stay with me for over thirty years and if that isn’t love then it doesn’t exist.

Last night as Heather and I were heading out for a coffee she asked me what my favourite love song was.

My first response was this:

[youtube=] but I was told that this is not a love song. I disagree. She found me and let me love her before it was too late. Sounds like love to me. But I had to think of another song.

Then I came up with this:

[youtube=] and that met with greater approval.

On the way back home I was still trying to think of what might be my favourite and Heather suggested that this might be the one:


I think I have settled on this next one. I dedicate it to the only woman who could love me like she has and has waited for me in a great many ways through all the times I fell behind.