Galatians 3:29 – [29] And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise

We are heirs of God according to a promise. The promise was made to Abraham 4000 years ago. We are heirs, not through biology, and certainly not through keeping the Law, but through spiritual renewal. All those born again are heirs of the promise. God makes the promise and God sees to it that it will be fulfilled.

The promise is made to all of Abraham’s descendants and we are his descendants if we believe in Jesus Christ. And we believe in Jesus Christ if we are the called according to His grace. This is a great marvel. God makes the promise and then God sees to it that those called to inherit the blessing contained in the promise, meet the requirements. The ultimate requirement is sinless perfection and He met that one for us as well.

Faith in Christ gets us to be counted as righteous as Him. This is a wonder far beyond words. It should stun us and it should set us on a hilltop proclaiming it. The Good News of the Gospel should so galvanize us to Him that we are living in a constant state of utter amazement. Meditate on this “I am the recipient of the promise made to Abraham 4000 years ago. I am included in this inheritance because I believe in Jesus Christ and am completely in it through Him alone. I have faith because He set His love upon me even before He called Abraham”.

The more we examine what the Bible says about the Gospel the more stunning it becomes. Why does this not excite us more? Why does this not put us to be delivering this message whenever possible? O Lord, help us to be an evangel in great faithfulness, in great joy, and in honour to you.