The so-called prosperity Gospel is a horrible piece of work. It is based upon bad theology, bad interpretation of the Scriptures and is often accompanied by other errors that are quite often even more serious.  It is amazing how often the doctrines of God and salvation get twisted out of shape right along with the teaching that God’s desire is for all His children to be rich and healthy.

I came across this video yesterday and no matter what you think of it, you certainly cannot fault IV His Son for being a coward. He stands in front of the churches of Creflo Dollar and Eddie Long and calls them heretics.

I am an old guy with old tastes and Rap music is not my thing. But I am becoming more and more impressed with the soundness that I am hearing from many rappers who appear to know their theology and aren’t afraid to stand up and speak biblical truth. Have a look at this in-your-face rap that pulls no punches in dealing with the awful teaching that the prosperity gospel is. If this video causes even one person to forsake a prosperity Gospel church then it is worth it. If even one person will take the exhortation at the beginning of this video seriously then it is a great accomplishment.

Were the police called on this guy? What are they doing in this video?