There is a great article here by Andrew Peterson, who is just finishing up touring as part of the band accompanying Steven Curtis Chapman. Here is one sample from the article talking about what the Gospel is:

If the word we preach is one of attainable perfection, of law, of justification by works, then when we fail, our testimony fails with it. But if we preach our deep brokenness and Christ’s deeper healing, if we preach our inability to take a single breath but for God’s grace, then our weakness exalts him and we’re functioning as we were meant to since the foundation of the world. Steven isn’t super-human. He’s just human. But what a glorious thing to be! An attempt on our part to be super-human will result only in our in-humanness–like a teacup trying to be a fork: useless. But if the teacup will just be a teacup, it will be filled. Humans were made (as was everything under the sun) for the glory of the Maker. Why should we try to be anything but fully human? Let God fill us up and pour us out; let him do what he will, let us be what we were meant to be. That gives us the freedom to sing about what’s really happening in our hearts without being afraid of sullying the good name of God. If our hearts are contending with the forces of darkness, clinging desperately to the hope of a Savior, then to sing boldly about the battle is no shame to us and all glory to our King.

It is very encouraging to read something that demonstrates that someone gets it. We all love getting insights into what goes on backstage in the lives of those who are always performing for us. But the beauty of the article is not just that it gives you greater respect for SCC or Peterson, although it does both of those things. The great thing is that it exalts the Gospel and the Author of it.

Give it a read.

And now, for your listening pleasure: