The testimony of a pastor in Scotland who is doing something. Great stuff. Have a look.

Some points to share with you that grow out of this testimony:

– Marvel at your own conversion. God did no less for you than He did for Mez.

– Know that God has called you to serve Him as part of the body of Christ. There are no useless parts of His body. Are you using your gifts for the good of the church, the giving of the Gospel, the betterment of mankind.

– Be Gospel centered. The Bible is about the Gospel. The church is about the Gospel. Know the Gospel. Live the Gospel. Be excited about the Gospel. Trust the Gospel to do what only the Gospel can do.

– Know that God can save anybody. Grace is more powerful than whatever sin has enslaved people. Give the Gospel believing that it is powerful and necessary. Never think anyone is beyond the Gospel’s love and power.

– Don’t be afraid to try. Run with biblically accurate, church based, Gospel empowered ideas.

– Rejoice that God can use anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Have a great weekend. Worship with the people of God this Sunday and get lost in the wonder that you are even allowed to do so.