Psalm 106:[19] They made a calf in Horeb

and worshiped a metal image.

[20] They exchanged the glory of God

for the image of an ox that eats grass.

[21] They forgot God, their Savior,

who had done great things in Egypt,

[22] wondrous works in the land of Ham,

and awesome deeds by the Red Sea.

[23] Therefore he said he would destroy them—

had not Moses, his chosen one,

stood in the breach before him,

to turn away his wrath from destroying them

God would have destroyed the people of Israel in the desert had Moses not interceded for them in prayer. The event that Psalm 106 refers to is found in Exodus 32 and is the account of the people making a golden calf to worship while Moses is receiving the law on Mount Sinai.

What a mystery prayer is. God works out everything after the counsel of His own will and at the same time answers the prayers of His children and changes things from what they would be because of those prayers. God was going to destroy the Israelites and keep the covenant made to Abraham, through Moses. Moses prays and God relents.

This is not Moses twisting God’s arm. This is God being faithful to His own word to hear and answer the believing prayers of His people. It is not a matter of God changing His mind. It is a matter of God doing as He said He would in working through the prayers of His people. This is one of the most comforting and encouraging truths that we have been given.

Prayer is not a waste of time. It is not us trying to twist the arm of some despot who is going to do whatever he is going to do regardless of what we want. Not at all.

Prayer is going to the only great sovereign God and petitioning Him to hear us knowing that He works through the prayers of his children and that what we do on our knees can effect people and things all over the world because God has been pleased to answer according to His will.

Would the things brought about through prayer have happened if we had not prayed them? There is no such thing as “what if” when it comes to living for Christ. We did pray and God did answer. Let that be a great encouragement to you and let it send you to your knees constantly knowing that God hears and answers. He relented for Moses. The fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much (James 5:16-18).

Live a holy life and ask God for what is good and right. He will give good things to the righteous when they seek Him.