Here s a topic that is of great interest to me, and I suspect to a great many other believers as well – depression. A great many well respected Christian leaders throughout the history of the church have suffered with it and a great many still do. And yet a great many believers also treat it like a modern day leprosy with the sufferers “unclean” and untouchable. Over at , Tim connects to a new book on the matter. In my opinion, there hasn’t yet been enough said about this, and that is really rare that Christians haven’t exhausted a subject on something.

There is a new book out entitled “Christians Get Depressed Too”

Here is a review of it and if you are interested, you can order it for yourself.

I haven’t read this yet, so I cannot comment at all, but it is good that the subject is being dealt with. If it’s of interest to you or you have suffered or are suffering with it, I am happy to provide perhaps a little bit if help.

(BTW – I tried to link to a Canadian store but the book isn’t in it yet.)