If you have checked “This Week at Thistletown” you will have already noticed that I am beginning a three month leave of absence from the church starting tomorrow, July 1. No, it is not because of anything that has gone wrong or some grievous sin committed. It is simply a matter of needing some rest. The church has kindly (unanimously) allowed this time off so that I can get the rest I need and return to the church in the fall in better shape physically, mentally and spiritually. Hassan will take over the web site but I have told him that two or three days per week is fine. His duties will increase a great deal while I am gone and I didn’t want to add too much more to it. “This Week at Thistletown” will be kept up to date so that people can be well informed of what is happening from week to week.

Have a great summer. I’ll catch up to you in October, Lord willing.

See you then, I hope


Here is a great excerpt from a sermon of John Piper’s. It is a very well known quote but is so appropriate to me getting some time off and to all of us as we look forward to a relaxing summer. Let us always use our time wisely. Not wrong, of course, to collect shells. Just wrong to have nothing more to offer the Lord when we give account to Him. The invitation of Christ to us is “Come and die”.


Thanks to Tim Challies for posting this first this morning.