We all desire power. In election years we are told to give people power (a rather heady concept that both we and the politicians fall for). The popular ending to the Lord’s Prayer, taken from the King James Version reminds us that God’s is the kingdom and the power and the glory. A few years ago I came up with a list of things that the New Testament says about power. They are all from the Epistles and as I look at the list today I see that I left out some important ones from the Gospel accounts. Notably, Jesus’ comment to Pilate that Pilate would have no power at all if it were not given to him from above (John 19:11). It would be wonderful to hear a politician recite that about him/her – self. Let’s not hold our breath on that one. In any case here is my incomplete list:
i. The Gospel is the power of God – Romans 1:17
ii. The Word is the power of God – Hebrews 4:12
iii. Holy living is the power of God at work – II Tim. 3:5
iv. The preaching of the Gospel is the power of God – I Cor. 1:18
v. Jesus is the power of God – I Cor. 1:24
vi. The gathered church is the power of God – I Cor. 5:4
vii. Our weakness is a demonstration of the power of God – II Cor. 4:7
viii. The resurrection of Jesus was a demonstration of the power of God – Romans 1:4
ix. Abounding in hope is a demonstration of the power of God – Romans 15:13
x. Signs and wonders – Romans 15:18-21
xi. The opposite of talk – I Corinthians 4:18-20
xii. Church discipline – I Cor. 5:4 (See Matthew 18:15-18)
xiii. Our resurrection – I Cor. 6:14
xiv. I Cor. 14:13 – the ability ot interpret tongues (by interpolation we would then say that spiritual gifts are a demonstration of the power of God.)
xv. Enduring hardship for God’s sake – II Cor. 4:7
xvi. II Cor. 6:7 – that by which God is commended in Paul’s life and ministry
xvii. The weapons of our warfare have divine power to destroy strongholds – II Cor. 10:4
xviii. That which we demonstrate through our infirmities – II Cor. 12:9
xix. The power we have is the same power that raised Jesus from the dead – Eph. 1:19 (Note here that Paul’s prayer request is for the Ephesians to know that power).
xx. Our ministries are gifts of God’s grace by the working of God’s power – Eph. 3:7
xxi. The strength to comprehend the great love of God in Christ – Eph. 3:14-21
xxii. That which God uses to accomplish, in us, more than we can ask or think – now – Eph. 3:20f
xxiii. That which enables us to share the sufferings of Jesus and be like Jesus in His death – Phil. 3:10f
xxiv. That which enables us to walk worthy of our calling, and fulfill our good purposes – II Thess. 1:11
xxv. Fearlessness – II Tim. 1:7
xxvi. The ability to suffer for the Gospel – II Tim. 1:8
xxvii. The prayers of the righteous to heal – James 5:16
xxviii. That which God uses to keep us from falling away – I Peter 1:5 
xxix. What God uses to enable us to live godly lives – II Peter 1:3