On Sunday, I (Pastor Davis) will be preaching on the subject of Abortion. This message is the beginning of a series of messages we are calling “What Does the Bible Say About_____________?” The amount of material available on abortion is astronomical. Sermons, videos, lectures, whole websites. I chose this short little article by John Piper entitled “Ten Reasons Why it is Wrong to take the Life of Unborn Children” . Please give it a read.

Then this morning I found this video in my Reader regarding the killing of infant girls in China and India. What a world we live in. 200 million girls go “missing” every year simply because they are female. Yet our culture believes that we can take their lives before they are born, because they are girls or because they are boys or because it would be an economic hardship or for a host of other reasons and be called civilized and progressive. We can hardly look aghast at China and India.