Psalm 119:130- The unfolding of your words give light; it imparts understanding to the simple.

Psalm 119 is full of reasons why the word’s of God are precious and valuable beyond comparison. The word of God stored in a person’s heart is a powerful preventive against sin (v. 11). The word of God is a comfort in the midst of intense affliction (v.50,52). The precepts of the LORD revive weary souls (v.93).

Today’s verse describes the word of God’s ability to give wisdom to even the simplest of people. James Montgomery Boice, a pastor/ theologian (1938-2000) records the following words about Psalm 119: 130 in his commentary on the psalms:

“Reading the Bible throws light on life, on all its problems and trials, on the confusing behavior of other people, on what is important and what is not, on right behavior, right goals, and right priorities. If you have not found this to be true, it is because either you are not really studying the Bible or you are approaching it in a superior or vain frame of mind, judging it by your own limited views rather than allowing it to judge you”

[James Montgomery Boice, An Expositional Commentary: Psalms Vol. 3 (Psalm 107-150); p.1041)]

The scriptures give incredible insight into life and its issues, because they come from the Author of Life. But, much more than being a mere means of making us more up to speed on how the world works, the scriptures make us wise regarding the things of God. It’s in the scriptures that we find the gospel of Jesus Christ. The scriptures clearly teach that the world counts the gospel as foolishness, but to those whose eyes are graciously opened by God, we see the gospel for what it really is. We see Christ for who he really is. We see him as “…the power and wisdom of God” (1 Corinthians 1:24).

The scriptures are able to make us wise most importantly because they point to Jesus. Jesus is the only way for men to be saved, and the only way for men to be made wise unto salvation is through the scriptures.