Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.

I found this on Tim Challies’ blog and find it fascinating, not because of the discovery so much but because of the way the discovery causes the scientists involved to alter previous conclusions that we were meant to accept as scientific fact. I just wish they would say something like “We were wrong before and this recent discovery shows us that we were.”

Instead we get this: “We are not saying that palaeoanthropologists did things wrong in Africa, but they didn’t have the reference we have…” I once read that the treatment for depression in the 19th century was pure mercury tablets. When I told my doctor that, he laughed and said that a hundred years from now they will be looking at our medicine with the same shock that we regard the 19th century’s. Now there is a scientific mind I truly respect. Those who administered mercury to their depressed patients did not just have a different reference point. They were killing people and they were wrong.

The Christian faith and science are not mutually exclusive. I do not post this to show that science gets everything wrong and therefore conclude that we do not need to be scientific about things. Science, as far as I know, is about discovery of the way things are. Finding out the way things were in the past is an arduous task. I do not expect those involved in it to get things right all the time. It would be nice if those involved in the endeavour knew that as well.

God put us on the planet, in part, to rule it wisely under Him. He did not zap us into instant knowledge of all things. While sin has messed things up far more than we can ever imagine, we are still engaged in the task of discovery of the created order. It should drive us to worship. It should drive us to find the world that He made a truly great adventure. And it should certainly drive us to being humble. I am glad the discovery referred to in the article has given paleontologists a better understanding of things. I pray that they will not make conclusions that infer that we now know exactly how things were in the deep dark past. But I am not hopeful.

Jesus was crucified at the place of the skull (Golgatha) and that is precisely where we need to be crucified as well. Those whose work is digging up skulls could benefit from believing it.

You and I are created in the image of God – different shaped skulls and all. Nothing unearthed anywhere will ever make that unscientifically false. God did, after all invent the science.