Proverbs 25:2 – It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.

God knows everything, but He does not tell us everything. And there are some things we are meant to never know and never will. But the fact that we do not know everything does not mean we are not to try to discover.

God has made us with inquisitive minds to search out the wonders that He has hidden in the earth and the mind and the heart. God does not hide things in order to keep them from us. He hides them so that we can discover them. What an adventure God has set mankind on! And what a mess mankind has made of it. We use the minds God gave us to invent all kinds of evil. We devise ways to kill, to make false gods, to abuse. We look at the cosmos and deny the existence of the God who put it there for marvelling at Him. The glory of kings in discovering what God has put here has been changed into the creature vaunting itself up to be God. What a tragic displacement of priorities and purpose.

And then there is the tragedy of those who use their God given skills and minds solely for entertainment and mindless amusement. They become their own little world where all that matters is the next win, song or game. Mindlessness, laziness, apathy prevent some from joining the amazing quest of discovery and observation of the glorious wonders of what God has made. The wisdom that God gives people through their books to be read and learned and enjoyed is a great gift. It is a tragedy of immense proportions when such things are ignored for the pursuit of the trivial.

There is coming a day when the human race will be saved from it propensity to run away from its Maker and we will know fully and in the best possible manner, the glory of searching out what God has put on the planet to be discovered. The sin that infects the human race prevents us from discovering things properly. But one day, those who have submitted themselves to the God who made them will embark on an adventure that will only be surpassed by God Himself. What a God! And what a work He has accomplished for us!!