I am currently reading Steve Brown’s latest book called “Three Free Sins”. I think you should too. Unlike the influential bloggers of the world, I cannot offer you the book for free. I can’t even offer you the book for money. But I can recommend it to you. You should get your hands on this book. If you worship at Thistletown, mine will be available tomorrow and I will happily LEND it to you.  Otherwise, go out and get it.

It is funny, convicting and above all, in my opinion, greatly needed. If you are tired of trying to perform well enough for God to be pleased with you this is for you. If you are tired of being told that you can do better, this book is for you. If you are tired of pretending that you are more righteous than you know you really are, this book is for you. If you need some honest talk about sin and grace and self-righteousness and forgiveness this is a book for you.

A couple of quotes that I hope do not violate the copyright rules.

“Any Christian who can’t say to those who curse him or her ‘You don’t know nothin’! If you knew the truth you would be even more shocked!’ hasn’t understood what the Gospel is about and how freeing it is.”

The essence of the Christian life is forgiveness – unbelievable forgiveness given by screwed up people to other screwed up people without any “kicker”.

You may have guessed that I like this book. So I recommend it to you. You can go to Brown’s website and find out about it. You can watch the video below. You can Amazon it here.


Have a great weekend.